150 Boxes Of Cereal To The Food Bank

With the 190 boxes of cereal taking up a good portion of my room, it made sense to make a pretty quick trip to the food bank and deliver it. Of course, that meant getting a car that could actually hold all the cereal:

cereal car

cereal car side

We then drove it to the Tri-Valley Haven Food Pantry:

tri valley haven food pantry

and delivered the goods:

food bank delivery

You’ll notice that the car wasn’t completely full. We didn’t fill it up completely (and there are still 40 boxes of cereal in my room) because we decided to make several grocery store stops on the way to the food bank to buy even more food and wanted to make sure we had enough room in the car for those purchases. It was a good choice because we needed it.

At the food pantry we met Clare who was the food pantry coordinator and she was absolutely thrilled with the cereal (apparently cereal is one of the more difficult items for food pantries to get because it tends to be expensive, it rarely comes close to expiration date and rarely gets damage to where it would be donated. It was wonderful to see the genuine smile and surprise when we opened up the back door of the car and she saw all the cereal waiting there. That moment has made Penny Experiment a success in my eyes no matter what happens in the future…

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