1000 Pennies

With the trade of the original Penny Experiment found penny for $10, the next step was for me to turn the $10 into 1000 pennies. I had this grand idea of placing the 1000 pennies into a glass piggy bank that I had lying around the house so they would display nicely for the photo, but I ran into a minor problem. One thousand pennies are a lot of pennies and as hard as I tried, I couldn’t squeeze them all into the piggy bank ruining my planned perfect photo. So The 1000 pennies are both inside and outside the piggy bank.

1000 pennies

one thousand pennies

Penny Experiment 1000 pennies

Blown photo opportunity aside, the $10 has now been converted into 1000 pennies. The first 100 of these pennies will be used on the artwork artists are creating (there are still numbers available so please continue to pass this experiment onto friends that might be interested in participating). When the artists finish their Penny Experiment art piece, they will send it to me complete except for the penny. I will then add the finishing touch by placing one of these pennies onto their work where they have indicated that it should be placed. Now it’s just a matter of waiting for the first art pieces to arrive…

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