This Frugal Life donated $52.35 to local food banks

Items Donated:
cereal (15)

Spent: $0.00
Retail: $52.35
Blog: This Frugal Life

This Frugal Life had this to say: Today I stopped off at Vons to take advantage of that sweet Kellogg’s catalina promotion that ends today. I lucked out and found a blinkie machine with 70ยข/1 Kellogg’s Cereal coupons, however it was being rampaged by a little girl who was taking coupons from it like it was dispensing free candy. She was there for what seemed like forever. I laugh about it now, but I have to admit, I thought for sure she was taking them all and I was having a mini coupon conniption while I waited for her to leave. Sometimes I can be such a spaz!

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