This Frugal Life donated $36.10 to Food Share of Ventura County

Items Donated:
Post Raisin Bran Cereal (1)
Starkist Tuna (2)
Kotex Liners (2)
Cookie Mixes (4)
Uncle Bens Rice (3)
Hormel Compleats Meal (1)
Right Guard Deodorant (2)

Where: Food Share of Ventura County
Spent: $4.59
Retail: $36.10
Blog: This Frugal Life

This Frugal Life had this to say: Today I went out on my first “mini” mission for the Penny Experiment. The Penny Experiment’s goal is to see if one single penny picked off the ground can turn into one million dollars worth of food. I’m SO EXCITED to be a part of this project! One of the joys of couponing is the ability to donate easily to others in need. Couponers are often able to get items for free (and if not free, pretty darn close!) so what better way to stretch that single penny than by using coupons!

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