The Budget Mommy donated $43.00 to local food banks

Items Donated:
Kashi Heart to Heart Cereal (6)
Kashi TLC Granola Bars (1)
Kashi Heart to Heart Crackers (1)
Prego Pasta Sauce (1)
Hanover Green Beans (1)
Oreo Cakesters (2)
Kraft Mayo (1)

Spent: $0.00
Retail: $43.00
Blog: The Budget Mommy

The Budget Mommy had this to say: I made Penny Experiment trip number 4 yesterday, and I got paid again! With the coupons I had to use, I was going to end up being paid $7.50. I decided I didn’t want to get quite that much back because I don’t want them to change their policy! So I added some items I didn’t have coupons for, and somehow miscalculated and ended up paying $.35. So after I finished my purchase, I went to customer service and returned one of the items.

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