Mitch donated $98.00 to The Food Depot of Santa Fe, NM

Items Donated:
Campbells Soup Cans (12)
Libbys canned vegetables (3)
Cheerios boxes (5)
Cinnamon Toast crunch boxes (2)
Campbells Chunky soup bowls (9)
Campbells Select Harvest bowl (1)
Campbells Chunky Soup cans (6)
Kroger Vienna Sausages (2)
American Beauty Lasagen noodles (1)
Betty Crocker frosting (1)

Where: The Food Depot of Santa Fe, NM
Spent: $20.44
Retail: $98.00

Mitch had this to say: I read your 1$ a day blog and took your “lazy couponing” advice to use $2o tuition money to practice and learn couponing. I added about $3 worth of food from my own pantry and this is what I was able to purchase to donate to the Food Depot of Santa Fe. I’ll be setting aside another $20 and doing it again. It’s a great thing you’re doing here Jeffrey and I’m glad to participate. I’m amazed how much food I was able to buy with just a little effort.

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